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Here’s what I hear the most from the couples who come to work with me as a couple & one-on-one:

They’ve worked their asses off in their lives to have a great career, maybe the “ideal” family, you know a house, dog, 2.3 kids, two cars, and a white picket fence and everyone around them seems to think they have it ALL together. But inside they’re feeling:


that their relationships has been placed on the back burner.


of feeling that they are on two different pages, with no idea how to get back on track.


because they isolate & hold things in instead of reaching out for help.


trying to control the people and circumstances around them and for a guaranteed outcome.


they find themselves spending more time apart from each other.

I totally and 100% understand this because I experienced these same feelings and more as I failed at relationshipping.

I people-pleased, smiled constantly, and performed constantly in order to feel a part of the relationship and keep the peace ofcourse. And when it didn’t work, I tried all of those things harder. And thus became an accepted lifestyle because I wanted a happy loving relationship SO BAD!

Until I had that personal moment that come to Jesus moment when I had to check myself and say "Enough is Enough!" I dove deep into my thoughts, behaviors, and did serious inner-work. I had to unlearn that way of being and re-learned a new way of living.

Now, my life is by no means perfect. I still hit hard times. I still find myself in situations that I mentioned above just not as often. But, the difference is that I don’t live there anymore. 

I’ve learned a whole new way of LIVING and have the tools to build and maintain a strong foundation for resilience towards my happiness.

And it’s completely and totally possible for you to learn, do, and have it too. If you did, your life could look like this:



enough no matter what life throws at you


enough to speak up when you need to communicate your needs & wants.
Having the


to ask for support and feel good being supported.
Having a real and loving


with your partner.
Building the


you have always desired in your relationship.

I’ve combined 12 years of experience working with hundreds of individuals and couples, plus my training and certification with The Transformation Coach Academy to bring you The Performance Code signature coaching program



Most couples live their life coming from a place of needs, desires, and unfortunately fear. Messages like,

“I'm not ______ enough.”

“I can do this all myself,
I don't need you help.”

“I need to be better at _____,
so that I can _____.”

“If only _____ were different,
then I would be happy.”

And if you’re still reading, you’re likely at a place where you’re tired of believing these messages. It’s exhausting, and you deserve so much more and so much better.

What our work together will accomplish is a deep dive into why you feel the way you do about why you live the way you live your life. Then we will dive into the relationship life you envision living and begin bridging that gap between the two. I then teach you and your partner the tools necessary to live your life from a place of confidence instead, all the while I’m with you supporting you in practicing these tools in real-life scenarios.

You’ll get a complete understanding on what it looks like to think and behave differently in a way that makes you proud to be the couple you are. This work is about learning healthy lifestyle behaviors. Practicing them (with my help), getting it right, then not so right, trying & trying again, and gaining the confidence that you can be different and feel better. All of this helps you have a better relationship, be more confident in the relationship, and have a better sense of self-worth.

Working with Dearic has changed my whole mindset! Over the past few weeks I have had some painful realizations, but am so encouraged by the growth I see in myself! Learning to value myself and the relationships that are important to me is truly a blessing!
I just completed the 8 session life coaching program with Dearic and WOW can I see and feel the difference in my overall joy and happiness!  

I was stuck in the endless cycle of wanting more, wanting to change my life, but not knowing how. I was hesitant to reach out to Dearic as I was not sure what to expect. I'm so glad I decided to take that leap of faith and invest in myself. The one-on-one coaching, practical tools, and meaningful exercises Dearic provides in his program create tangible change. Change can feel overwhelming but Dearic was there every step of the way - guiding, motivating, and cheering me on!

I have no doubt had I not made that phone call I would be waking up today feeling the same stuck, unhappy, hopeless feeling. But instead I'm feeling the most joyful and happiest I have ever felt!


A couple that wants an amazing, fulfilling relationship in their life. Not just an intimate partner, but a partnership for life.

A couple who wants to let go of unrealistic expectations and learn how to communicate better in the relationship.

A couple that wants to stop the "yes man" mentality,  stop the blame game. the proving, and performing that in not a true presentation of self. FINALLY.

A couple that is not living two different lives and that gives into past insecurities that prevent the relationship from growing.

A couple that wants to appreciate their partner's strengths and weaknesses instead of taking them for granted. As well as understanding the power of their natural-born roles.

For a complimentary 30-minute consultation to hear more about the program and to see if it’s right for you:
Life changing life coach! I've been working with Dearic for about 6 months and my life has done a 180 . Dearic makes things so easy to understand and makes sense of everything I'm struggling with . I feel so blessed to have him in my life as an effective life coach . Dearic is easy to talk to and makes a personal plan for you based on your particular needs . I strongly recommend Dearic for anyone who needs to get their focus & priorities in order . Dearic starts from the ground up and really makes you want to make changes that create positivity in life . He is a jewel !
It's been about a month since my last session and have to admit, each day continues to get better and better. After finally riding my life of a toxic relationship, I was left with so much anger and pain...I began the path of self love but then was thrown into the battle of my life that I never ever thought would be me...Breast Cancer!! I did it...I beat the hell out of cancer but left me in pain physically everyday and eventually started to deplete what hope I had left for life...Even though I retained an amazing herbalist, I was not doing what I was supposed to do...I wasn't doing my part! I've always been a women to tackle everything head on and complete it...I couldn't figure out why I was torturing myself and not doing what I know is going to be good for me. It just wasn't like me! I saw Dearic's posts on Facebook and kept scrolling over them until I finally stopped and clicked on the link...FINALLY!!!!! I sent him a text and he called right away...He spent an hour with me answering my questions and listening to the short version of my story....Before the end of the call, we had our first of 8 calls scheduled! Each call, Dearic would recap on the previous call and anything new that may have come up which always seemed to be right on track with the conversation that followed and the tools introduced. Talk about perfect timing!! Each call seemed to uncover a blockage I didnt realize I even had and we worked through each one until I finally "GOT IT"!! Fast forward to today....I feel better than I have since Breast Cancer, better than I have in probably 10 years. I'm seeing and feeling as though I can literally accomplish anything I set my mind too...I'm getting stuff done and feeling good mentally and physically! I'm a believer everything happens for a reason....There are lessons and blessings in all that comes to us...Thank you Dearic for helping me and providing the tools that I can use in all aspects of my life and going forward. I'll be in touch to schedule the follow-up sessions!


How much time per week do I need to dedicate to this?
Our calls will be about one hour in length and most of the weeks require homework that will take you about an additional 30 mins (give or take). I do recommend setting aside some time for reflection.
What are your coaching hours?
I currently have client sessions on Monday and Thursday from 9 am to 4 pm Eastern time.
Do you have any group programs?
Yes, I do. Group programs are a public forum. Best to Request an invite to my private FB group to see when group trainings are available.
What if I'd like to do a shorter package with you?
I got you! You can sign up for an 8-session package that has an “open” sessions, in other words, no specific curriculum, which is perfect for the individuals and couples who are looking to level up in life.


Click here for the Open Sessions. I also offer a VIP day here.


It's Time To Create The Life & The Relationship Your Deserve