Evaluate 2 Elevate

Becoming 40% More Focused, Confident, & Effective every day is EASY with my Evaluate 2 Elevate program.

To Attract The LIFE You Desire While Releasing Excess Mental And Emotional Baggage you need to Evaluate yourself before you can Elevate yourself.

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12 Week Performance Coaching Package

16 Powerful 1 on 1 coaching sessions. This is a true  1 on 1, a true mano e mano life performance coaching experience. I will teach you to show up every day committed to creating opportunity, balance, and manifesting the power of self! I want to help you give yourself permission to live your best life. Together we are changing the game! Are you ready? Are you in?

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24 Week Performance Coaching Package

Together we will dig deep into your inner soul to release your true self. At the same time eliminate the crutches that have held you back from living the life you desire. By choosing to live your truth and live life on yours terms you will unleash the power to live however the hell you want. Living life void of any societal stereotypes and conditions. I will mold your vulnerability into your superpower.

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