I am Man of God with a Kingdom MENtality built to serve my community, educate the willing, and empower those seeking to live a life of true authenticity!

But, I wasn't always that way

On paper my life looked great. I had a great job. Professional recognition and contacts. An active social and athletic life. My social media accounts were filled with pictures of positive quotes, golf outings, and cigar sessions. My friends would tell me they loved that they always saw me smiling, but secretly I thought “if they only knew”. I was secretly carrying a massive amount of excess emotional  "are you enough" baggage. I  buffered that excess mental and emotional baggage with food, exercise and work to numb myself for years.

There was nothing that could make up for the lack of self worth self doubt and feeling of not belonging.

If you are living life on autopilot

but in private you're feeling STUCK,

We Need To Talk!

I'm D Jackson, The Performance Coach, specializing in helping competitive minded individuals win the mental game on life by releasing excess mental and emotional baggage so they can dominate in life and business.
It all begins with a commitment to trusting yourself enough to make and own the choices needed to create the life you desire.
I can help you enjoy the success you've strived for without compromising your authenticity. 

I am a born pleaser! I have spent the majority of my life pleasing others

and it still wasn't enough.

I always made sure I showed up with a smile

Despite external signs of success I was battling with stress, self doubt and personal trust issues.  My mood and whether it was a “good day” or “bad day” was so often determined by what how hard my mental battle was the night before or the fear of how I had to perform that day. I constantly compared myself to other people and never felt I measured up, both professionally and personally.  I worried about everything I said, did, didn’t do – and I was instantly mentally and physically exhausted every time walked through my front door.
It took a lot of soul searching, a lot of faith, a lot of self reflections, a ton of golf, and days spent alone for self discovery, but eventually I realized my problem wasn’t me wanting to please, or what people thought on me, or my profession...
My problem was how I viewed and thought about myself.
The things I strived for didn’t bring me happiness, because, underneath all the layers of ‘success’, I didn’t feel good enough.
With that realization my life changed completely. The Phoenix experience began.
I finally accepted who I was and made peace with myself and my past and promised myself moving forward things would be different, for real this time.
I started to live life on my terms rather than on autopilot.  
And I promised myself I’d do everything in my power to help those willing do the same.
I realized that I didn’t want other individuals going through the same thing I went through and reach the place of where they no longer trusted or believed in themselves. I decided that I wanted to help them and teach them to stop hiding and start standing in their own light!
So I armed myself with the skills to make that happen.  I trained and educated myself and became certified as a life coach, relationship coach, and a personal trainer; I committed to serving and launched my own signature programs.
I now work with men, women, and our next generation – online, in-person and in-house – to help them discover their own strength and brilliance, and to start trusting themselves in life, relationships, health, and finances.

Kuulei R.

Dearic has helped me with specific tools to apply to the challenges I am having while starting a new business. I am tapping into a new frequency personally and professionally and he is helping me navigate over this new territory.
He provides a safe space to be comfortable and open - and helps you break issues down to the source and connect them with your priorities and values. I have just a couple of sessions left and already plan to add on a few more!
Dearic is most def helping me with tapping into my core, my true self and I am feeling good building a solid foundation for the level up!!
Appreciate you, Dearic!!

Your Life Didn't Begin When you Were Born, It Begins When Start  Trusting Yourself.

And an extraordinary life begins with trusting yourself.
Knowing that you deserve joy, peace, love, or whatever you call it.
The UNSTUCK Yourself Formula will help you find the best place to start your journey.

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