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21 DAY 

Join the Program and Rediscover Your Confidence

The 21-Day Mindset ReBoot Challenge will help you reframe your thoughts, develop self discipline, retrain your mind to think in new ways, create new neural pathways, shift your perspective and help you view things through fresh eyes. It will also connect you with a supportive community via a private Facebook group.

The Challenge is simple and straightforward, yet powerful if you are open, willing and intentional about learning, growing and implementing change. You will receive an email every morning with one simple, yet powerful mindful task to implement eg. go a day without complaining, watch your words, manage your self-talk, replace your limiting-beliefs, practice gratitude. You will be provided with tools, tips and guidance on how to do so. I will post in our private Facebook group early each morning to reinforce the message that was in the email and to also create conversation.

I will coach you through the process and I will provide you with many tools and resources, however please note this is not 1:1 coaching; it is you, me and a community of people sharing 21 transformational days together.

Starts Monday the 7th of August 2023

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Let's Get Started

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