It's about that time to

Re-View, Re-Set, & Re-Boot the LITTLE THINGS in your relationship!

Forget about the expensive gifts, luxury vacations, and fancy dinners. When you're in love, it's about the little things (the gentle touches, random kisses, the thoughtful actions, clear expectations, & open communication) that make you feel like a valued treasure! 

It's time to learn and implement the priceless yet effortless ways I've helped countless couples reconnect with their partner. We successfully reignited that love jones for one another, build/rebuilt trust, and ultimately fell in love again!


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What to expect during the five day Relationship Re-Boot:

Day 1:  I am going to challenge you to look a bit deeper than normal. This will bring out what you & your partner determine your wants, needs, & desires are so that you & your partner can create the relationship you both deserve.

Day 2:  Give you insight, tips, & tricks that will help breakthrough the walking on egg shells syndrome when it comes to clear communication with your partner, so that expressing those wants, needs, & desires become safe and natural.

Day 3:  Kickstart your relationship into high gear by teaching you how to apply each others wants, needs, & desires into your lives; resulting in a better sex life, more affection, & desirable date nights you'll actually look forward to.

Day 4:  You will get a refresh on all the basic 5 love languages as well as insight into other love languages no one talks about. This lesson will make both of your lives MUCH easier when it comes to taking care of each others needs.

Day 5:  I teach you & your partner how to remain consistent with everything you've learned. Eoungh is enough, It's time to put your money where your mouth is. This is where the rubber hit the road. Because with consistency, comes trust & security within your relationship.


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